Kingdom Taproom

Craft Beer and locally-sourced foods.


Serving Craft Beer, Wine and Spirits. Complemented by a small yet diverse menu, focusing on locally-sourced foods.  For current news, events and announcements, please refer to our Facebook page!

Have you ever received the advice “don’t go into business with friends”? We have, but we chose to ignore it.

Kingdom Taproom is the product of the daydreams and hard work of a group of friends; a mixture of natives and flatlanders, who now all consider themselves locals. We share a common passion for good food, drink and company and a common vision of a vibrant downtown St. Johnsbury.

We strive to have a small, simple menu that showcases the very best our region and state has to offer. This applies to our food, beer and spirits. Vermont, and especially The Northeast Kingdom, is populated by some incredibly eclectic, diverse and talented people. This is especially true of our farmers, brewers, distillers and cheese makers. Wherever and whenever possible we will showcase their talents and their wares. Much of what you will drink and eat at the Taproom is fresh, local and made in extremely small quantities. We hope that you will appreciate it as much as we do.

We seek to have a social and economic impact on downtown St. Johnsbury and our entire region. Our goal is to make the Kingdom Taproom a social hub. We want you to view it as an extension of your home; a comfortable place to sit, relax, meet with friends and make new ones. Our existence is a small step towards reclaiming and revitalizing our downtown and making it a destination for locals and travelers alike.

We hope that you find the Taproom welcoming and comfortable. If you have any suggestions, please ask around for an owner. You will be able to find at least one of us around at almost anytime we are open.

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